Company History

The original J.H. Hetherington Co Ltd was formed in 1856. It’s main products were railway lamps of all types and for all applications supplying all the major railway companies that were appearing at this time. The Company Closed In 2003.

In 2007 my wife and I formed ‘The Hetherington Lamp Company’ to cater for the small demand for the traditional style of railway, horse tram and road engine lamps. Our lamps are made from tin plated steel, traditional soldered and copper riveted construction.

The lamps are made in various styles with round or square bodies approx. 13” tall with glass bulls eye lens set into a spun brass bezel. There is an opening door fitted with a glass bevelled edge window giving access to a fully working burner and polished reflector. The lamps are finished in black gloss enamel paint, brass number plate, and are supplied with direct mounting socket to fit your engine lamp irons direct or they can be supplied with spring mountings.

The square lamps can be supplied with rear mountings for Aveling & Porter type lamp irons.  Non-standard lamp iron sockets can be supplied at no extra cost. A rear lamp is also available with brass bezel and red ruby lens.

We also supply 4″ and 6″ scale lamps for smaller sized engines. We have recently added to our oil lamp collection by producing a wall-mounted and hanging lamp for Roller Vans and Shepard’s huts.

We produce a very popular range of Oil Cans & Pourer’s in different sizes and styles.

We also take on lamp repairs and these are done as time permits. All orders are processed in strict rotation. All lamps are made to order. Payment in full will be required before dispatch. Export orders are also accepted. Please contact us for full details.

We look forward to your enquires in due course.

Kind Regards, Mr & Mrs R.J.F. Mills.